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The Hair And ITS Habitat

Protect, Restore And Maintain The Balance Of Your Scalp. EODIS Works From Inside And From Outside And Allows You To Have Healthy And Strong Hair, All Year Round, In Every Season, In Every Period Of Life

Prevention, alert or attack? What stage are they at your hair and yours scalp?

Blemishes such as baldness, fall, sebum or dandruff, flaking or irritated and sensitive skin, are synonymous with a loss of the physiological balance that characterizes the scalp. A situation that can arise due to different factors and at different times of the year or of everyone’s life.


Growth Phase


Involutional Phase


Rest Phase


Early Stage of Growth

Outline The Imperfection

You have the feeling that your hair gradually loses density and that in some areas there is excessive thinning
You are familiar with problems of fall or baldness
Dandruff, itching, skin tension?

You owe yourself this moment

Outline The Imperfection

Does The Hair Become Drowsy Aan There Is a Clear Progressive Thinning

We talk about baldness or thinning (androgenetic alopecia) when there is a gradual loss of hair, this is due to a susceptibility of the hair follicle and his hair in relation to the process of miniaturization. This process can be determined by factors such as genetic and/or hormonal or deficiencies related to the local microcirculation
Androgenetic Alopecia (Male)
Androgenetic Alopecia (Female)
Alopecia Areata Male / Female
DO You Have Hair Loss in Clumps on Some Areas or Widespread?
We speak of diffuse hair loss (Telogen Effluvium) or just in some areas (Alopecia Areata) when there is an increase in “hair loss” (after washing the hair or in other specific situations), or in the other casa there are one or more spots completely free of hair, in the center or at the sides of the head.
The causes of this problem can be various: stress, diets, deficiencies of minerals and vitamins up to an alteration of the immune system or also a genetic predisposition.
Does The Scalp Have Any Anomalies? Is It Aching, Has it Dandruff, ExceSsive Presence of Grease, Itching or is there any skin tension
The lack of balance of the scalp determines an unsightly situation that can only be solved with a specific path that will restore the situation of normality by eliminating dandruff, sebum or other anomalies.
Alopecia Areata Male / Male

Client’s Testimonial

“The Eodis products are very valid and above all they solve the problem!”.


CEO of Company

“My daughter, in addition to improving the state of her hair, thanks to the nutritional completeness of the supplement Eodis, noted also an increase in psycho-physical energy”


CEO of Company

“Since I started applying Eodis vials, , I noticed an increase in thickness of my hair and I no longer see my scalp in transparency anymore”


CEO of Company

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