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EODIS Is: Easy, Flexible, Adjustable

Eodis is different because it is

Shampoo and vials

Far from the typical approach of “segmented” lines or excessively generic where it is often difficult to outline the right response to the treatment, the Eodis products are created to be effectively and appropriately combined with each other to ensure a specific protocol for each need starting from a few clear products.

Food Supplements

Supplement the daily diet with specific elements, allows you to enrich your body with valuable substances aimed at the well-being of the hair.

The ideal combination to treat each imperfection is given by the skilful use and mix of vials , shampoos and food supplements.

Shampoo / mask

Calvidex shampoo

150 ml
Codice EOSH3

Detorex shampoo

150 ml
Codice EOSH1

Forfodex shampoo

150 ml
Codice EOSH2

Fibraker mask

150 ml
Codice EOMA1

Integratori alimentari

Trifoltin man

60 compresse da 700 mg
Codice EOINT1

Trifoltin woman

60 compresse da 700 mg
Codice EOINT2

Trifoltin woman post

60 compresse da 700 mg
Codice EOINT3


60 compresse da 700 mg
Codice EOINT4


Calvidens fiala

8 x 7 ml
Codice EOLO4

Detodens fiala 1

8 x 7 ml
codice EOLO1

Detodens fiala 2

8 x 7 ml
codice EOLO2

Forfodens fiala

8 x 7 ml
Codice EOLO3

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