Study in USA

Study in USA

The US of America has been a worldwide innovator in the field of instruction and brags of a largest part of highest level colleges as indicated by all significant global rankings. Barely any nations offer as many high positioned colleges and respectable laureate scholarly community, as USA does. Truly, almost 50 of the main 200 colleges on the planet are situated in USA.

Colleges in USA are likewise credited for multitudinous licenses and momentous advancements, offering an opportunity to study and contend with the absolute best personalities in the separate fields.

Adaptability of applying to various fields of study and a wide assortment of Exploration Driven Science and Innovation Courses are the distinctive highlights in light of which hopefuls endeavor to get affirmation in USA.

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    USA for International Students

    USA has been the most preferred choice of study for international students owing to its 4,000 accredited colleges and universities, which offer a wide range of programs to pursue bachelors or masters in USA. The country offers excellent support facilities for international students to study in USA. It’s extremely flexible education system and a worldwide reputation of commitment to excellence draws students in huge numbers. The country has a vibrant diverse culture and its mixed society allows international students to integrate into the American life with ease.

    Why Study in USA?

    Outstanding programs in numerous fields, optimized classroom experience, cutting-edge technology are some of the reasons that make USA one of the best countries to study in. International students can receive financial assistance in the form of full or partial tuition waiver, research assistant ships, teaching assistant ships, graduate assistantships, paid internships or part-time work options. Students can apply for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) after graduation that allows them to work in their chosen field for 12-36 months after completion of course. The median salary range after a four-year degree in US is $ 61,000 reaching to $ 1, 20,700 at mid-career level.

    Cost of Education in USA

    The cost of education in USA depends on the study level i.e., Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD. The cost also varies according to the type of institutions, i.e., public or private. The Bachelor’s degree tuition fee can range from $15000 to $55000 per year whereas the Master’s degree fee can range from $15000 to $30,000 per year. International students can get financial aids and institutional grants on the basis of excellent academic and standardized test scores, thus lowering their cost of education in US.

    Universities & Programs

    High Ranked Universities/Institutions

    • Arizona State University, Phoenix
    • University of Arizona, Tucson
    • George Mason University, Fairfax County, Virginia
    • University of Illinois, Chicago
    • Northeastern University, Boston

    Popular Courses

    • Computer Science Engineering
    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Business Administration
    • Healthcare

    USA's Success Stories


    Harsh Modi

    Admit – University of Southern California

    Course -MS in Computer Science

    Intake- Fall 2020

    Agrim Agrawal

    Admit – New York University

    Course –MS in Engineering Management

    Intake- Sep 2020


    Tanmay Moon

    Admit – Columbia University

    Course –MS in Mechanical Engineering

    Intake- Sep 2020