The Zzoobis are a peaceful, fun-loving, hard-working clan but the Land they had lived in for generations was rapidly changing: it was getting crowded, the air and water were not as clean as before, people were forced to wear masks and keep their distance from other people, many businesses were forced to close and others had to operate under onerous regulations. People could not agree on anything and were constantly arguing over every little thing. Their way of life was being destroyed. The Zzoobis were becoming increasingly unhappy.

Zork, leader of the Zzoobis, was very disheartened seeing all these changes and how they affected the Zzoobi way of life. They couldn’t socialize and many were unemployed. So Zork decided to lead the Zzoobis to the Promised Land. He sent out a search party, and after a few weeks they reported that they had found the ideal place for the Zzoobis to live. Zork called a meeting of Zzoobi elders and they decided to move. A community meeting was held and Zork outlined his plans for the move which would be in two weeks.

The move was successful and now the Zzoobis had their own country they call ZzoobiLand. The Zzoobis are full of love, kindness, gratitude and enjoy doing fun things every day. The sun shines all day and night in ZzoobiLand, so Zzoobis spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature.

When they are not outside the Zzoobis work making unusual products in their workshops that are not found in the rest of the world. They enjoy this work and each product is made with tremendous care.

Zork’s duty is to make sure every Zzoobi is happy, healthy and productive. He oversees that the products are being made well and get shipped promptly. The money Zork brings in is used for supplies and food and to cover life’s necessities so that the Zzoobis don’t have to worry about anything.

The Zzoobis live in Peace and Harmony with Nature. Life is good in ZzoobiLand!